Promotional Mugs & Coasters


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Promotional Mugs & Coasters

Our Mugs & coasters are ideal as promotional goods to advertise your business. Both mugs & coasters are practical items which remind your customers of the services & products you offer.

About our coasters.

We use a high quality, square & round coaster blanks. These are made from hard board with a high gloss durable surface to show off your branding. These coasters offer perfect optical clarity.

Available sizes

We use mostly 100 mm square & round coasters but do offer the smaller 90mm coasters also. We advise using the 100mm coasters as these give better impact than the smaller 90mm coasters.


Our Mugs are standard 10oz ‘Durham’ style Mug which we can print fully from top to the bottom of mug if required. All mugs are dishwasher & microwave proof.*


We offer a design service for your mugs & coasters for you or you can use one of our many online templates to design your own mugs.

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