The Frame – An Artform In Itself

Photo printing and framing online services have gained popularity over the years because of their quick results and practicality. Getting photos printed and framed is a great way to preserve memories and even pass them on to the next generation. Even artists and art collectors experiment in how to frame their pieces, what materials to use, and how to match the colours appropriately to see how far the boundary can be pushed. With frames, they can make art, especially photography, more beautiful and timeless.

In terms of framing their artwork, artists are known to be very specific about the type of frame they use, which is why frames are becoming an art form in themselves and are being used as an integral part of a painting or other artwork. Some artists have used different materials like self-lubricating plastics to encase their artwork, adding massive appeal to their output and making the piece look better. These types of movements have spurred on inspiration and avenues for a new generation of artists.

Katy Moran, a modern artist, integrates frames into her works by spilling her pigments beyond the canvas. For her artwork, she picks up old and interesting frames from charities and salvage shops. She explained that she is interested in ‘notions of taste’ and the relevance of art history and frames. Even when she works with new frames, Moran still experiments with colour, wood, and linen because it enhances and affects the way people view her works. She concluded that art frames are a tool she utilises and plays with.

Leading institutions are becoming more open and even bolder in their choice of frames. Sometimes, they use unorthodox materials for their art, such as pearlescent, gloss, and neon-coloured frames. These frames are created in collaboration with other artists and have seen a lot of use over the past few years.

Private citizens are also following the trend of using frames to upgrade their art pieces. Some even let the gallery decide on what frame to use before they get photos printed and framed. As a guideline, the clients want the gallery to see what fits the artwork. Artists also get advice and inspiration from social media, and more people are using handcrafted objects and unusual woods for their art frames. Indeed, framing photos and paintings has become a whole new kind of artform.

Celebrating the Craftsperson

Some frames are made not just to make the artwork look good but also highlights the subject matter’s special features. In one example, the frame was designed with inspiration from the Tudor doll’s houses which seamlessly connected to the main artwork. The designer said that the frame acts as a device that purposefully supported the image. The frame was an apparatus that added to the image, making it stand out and improve its overall effect.

Frames have also been used to create a striking effect, especially with more modern artwork. One such instance was the creation of a five-colour frame with a fade effect for the art piece of Jeremy Deller and Fraser Muggeridge’s Bless This Acid House. The blend of colour and effect matched the artwork’s colour scheme, which led to a positive response from viewers.

On the more traditional side of things, opulent antique frames are given new life by John Currin, an artist popularly known for his satirical works. The paintings in his house are framed in Old Master frames. An antique frame gives the piece a sense of identity and character.

The Cost of Custom Frames

Frames can vary in price depending on the materials used in their parts. There’s matting, wherein a piece of paper or cardboard goes inside the frame and mounts the photo or the print. The moulding is the decorative embellishment that usually gives the frame its character. Then there’s the glazing, which is made from either acrylic or glass. All these parts have different prices, and different combinations of each can affect the overall value of the frame you’re buying.

When looking for a frame, it is important to know what you want. Of course, this can be difficult at first, which is why looking for a company that offers standard sized frames can be a good start. Most of these frames also have set prices, so people do not have to worry too much about overspending or going over their strict budget.

A History of Framing

In 14th and 15th Century in Europe, frames were commissioned by wealthy families. They asked artists to paint a family portrait, and the finished work was hung on the wall with an embellished frame. This was exclusive to those who could afford it up to the invention of the camera and photography, which allowed even the non-wealthy to hang something on their walls.

Quality Printing and Framing Services With First4Frames

If you want to display your family’s portrait to show how much they mean to you, then one of the most important aspects to consider is the quality of printing and framing services you use.

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