Curate Your Frames Like An Expert With These Tips

Lockdowns have left many people spending more time at home than ever before, so it’s not
surprising there’s been a surge of interest in interior decorating. But if you’re on a low budget
and can’t afford to embark on ambitious plans to overhaul your décor entirely, the humble
picture frame can help give your living spaces a new lease of life. While there’s no substitute for
professional printing and framing services, a little creativity can achieve impressive results, not
to mention act as good family bonding time. If you want your photos to be the focal point in a
room, why not look for a company that offers photo printing and framing online and have your
memories framed professionally for display?

These are just a few ideas, but if you get creative, they can be modified, combined, and
arranged just the way you want them. After all, it is your home, and these ideas can help
breathe new life into it.

Any of the suggestions below can be used to brighten up a hallway, a living room or a staircase,
or why not start a gallery wall of your own? The ways you can personalise your home are only
limited by your imagination.

Dried Flowers

The first idea is to have a display of dried flowers professionally framed. Adding seasonal
flowers brings a touch of nature into your home, and it’s even better if you can pick ones that
grow in your garden or local area. Use dried daffodils and forget-me-knots to recall spring or
sunflowers, cornflowers and hydrangeas for summer, for instance.
Flowers can be arranged in a bouquet or a shape such as a wreath. They can be colour-
coordinated or a riot of contrasting colours – the choice is yours. Pressed flowers give the
perfect spring or summer wall update.
One thing to note, though, is if you choose dried flowers to add to a frame, you should make
sure that the background complements the flowers. In many cases, the best choice is solid black
or white. But again, it’s entirely up to you.


Maps can look absolutely stunning when framed. You can use replica maps of ancient lands or
lost landscapes, or even adopt fantasy lands from your favourite literature. Modern maps of
places you want to go or have already visited and enjoyed also make a great talking point,
evoke happy memories and offer the excitement of future adventures. Nautical charts and
open seas also look great, especially in home offices. Modern interiors are often beautified by
the use of topographic maps.

Thematic maps are great in homes or rooms with a distinct colour theme because these tend to
be either monochrome or have just two tones. If you have a distressed or older looking frame,
that can also add to the overall appeal of the right map too.

Magazine cuttings

Framing and displaying magazine covers may be something you haven’t thought about since
your teenage years when you put photos of your favourite pop star on your bedroom wall. But
there’s no reason you can’t do this in your home today!

Depending on the cover you choose, these can introduce a touch of nostalgia and can even
have a certain financial value depending on the magazine cover you use. Ideas here include
iconic covers of stars, limited edition covers, or ones that have won Cover of the Year awards.
All can be conversation starters, but the knack is to make the magazine centre of attention
rather than distract from it in any way. Choose a good plain frame in muted colours to make the
magazine cover pop out. Alternatively, if you’re framing older covers – from the 1920s, say –
choose a style of frame that ties in with the era. Professional printing and framing services will
be happy to advise on the type of frame that best matches a picture.

Special notes and letters

Personal notes and letters will also look great framed and can keep memories alive – preferable
to having them boxed up out of sight in a dusty attic! Special notes from family, friends or
anyone else significant in your life can work brilliantly, especially if the letter has valuable
meaning to you.

These can be great reminders of relatives who have passed away, providing a unique way to
cherish memories of them. You can even include the envelopes they came with to add to the
sentiment as well as the aesthetic appeal of the framed memento.

If you have a more casual gallery, children’s pictures, doodles and notes with whimsical
messages look great, even if only scribbled on the back of a napkin. This type of framed picture
adds light-hearted appeal to a room.


Mementoes are treasured items that help recall certain times, people, or places. These can be
cinema tickets, certificates, trinkets, pieces of newspaper, or anything else that has had
significance in your life.

When choosing a frame, always aim to match it to the theme of the memento. Older
mementoes work well with vintage frames, and those with a quirky message should be placed
in simpler, cleaner frames.

Vintage adverts or posters

Vintage ads have an appeal all of their own. Some old adverts have really compelling messages
and are full of character. Framing these could be an interesting way to add a bit of life to a
room that’s not frequented as often.

Vintage adverts have the same charm and traits as magazine covers. You’ll find beautiful
artwork or photography, lettering, and plenty of appeal. Think of a brand that has a strong
marketing and advertising history that suits the room it will be displayed in. You can acquire
examples of certain brands’ ads throughout their history to see how they have evolved across
the company’s lifetime.


Finally, framing poetry will give rooms a certain sophistication and even add a touch of
softness. These are ideal when hung in living spaces. You can even use pages from volumes of
poetry rather than printing them, so they have a more genuine appeal. Choose your favourite
classic or contemporary poet and place them in a bold, stylised photo frame to complement
these subtle artworks.

Professional Printing and Framing Services

Whether you’re framing family photos or want to try some of the ideas offered above, find a
photo printing and framing online service to ensure the finished product looks as professional
and stylish as possible.

At First4Frames, we specialise in making your images look great with the right frame. We have
a wide selection of frames in many different sizes, designs, and colours. We also print photos,
photo books, and even fine art.

If you have any questions, let us know – we’re always happy to offer expert advice on printing
and framing. And if you’re in the area, why not visit our shop? We can show you what we do
and offer you a personal consultation on how to curate and print the images you love to add
your unique touch to your home.

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