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Box Frame

Everyone likes photos mounted on a frame. Printed photos will always be prone to warping or buckling. Box frame mounting aims to prevent this and give photos a solid basis for display by fixing them to a firm backing. A mounted photo can be more easily handled for matting and framing with less risk of damaging the print. Mounting and matting also give photographers more options when it comes to frame sizes.  Instead of being forced to make a photo fit standard frame dimensions or being limited to standard frame sizes for wall display, a mounted photo can be inserted into a much larger frame or a frame of non-standard dimensions by cutting the mounting board to fit the frame.

A Box frame creates a space between the print and the glazing, so there is no contact with the glass. Using Water white float glass, your print is mounted first to Foam board or a similar substrate before being set into a box moulding with a fillet spacer. The fillet keeps the glass and print separate, so the whole effect is that of a deep box. Box frames are a contemporary design with traditional leanings and can be made with a deep or shallow profile. Box frames have a traditional look and appeal. Our beautiful wood moulding selections can add a formal and decorative accent to your home or office.

A wood picture frame is a classic choice. Wood frames offer a great variety of different looks, from clean modern lines to intricately textured borders. Mounting and framing pictures well is an art in and of itself; one that you can use to perfectly complement your photography.
We offer a photographic framing and mounting service that’s specifically tailored to the needs of the most discerning customers and can work with you to coordinate all aspects of your production, from photographic printing, mounting and framing. This method of end-to-end solution, based upon your budget and requirements has worked successfully for international galleries, high profile artists and photographers, private and corporate collectors and major institutions.

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