Printed Ceramic Tiles


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Printed Ceramic Tiles

At First 4 Frames, we print bespoke printed ceramic tiles in various sizes using your own design, artwork or photographs. Whether you are looking to share precious moments with friends and family, or provide a new way to promote and sell your artwork, we provide ceramic tiles of the highest quality.

For artists and professional photographers

Looking for a different way to promote and sell your artwork or photography? Printed Ceramic Tiles are a great way to share your most commercial images. Use them as part of your promotional efforts for an exhibition, or offer them for sale on your website.  We can supply:

  • Framed or Loose tiles
  • Black Or White frames
  • ready for hanging on the wall
  • Various sizes

Whatever you need, we’ll produce ceramic tiles of the highest standard to showcase your work.

What’s more, if you need help producing digital images of the artwork you want to use, we can do that to. Take a look at the Art Reproduction Scanning and Photography sections of our site to find out more.

For the treasured moments in your life

Send friends and loved ones ceramic tiles that mean so much more. We print ceramic tiles featuring everything from your favourite wedding photos, to family portraits for perfect gifts. Simply provide the digital file of the photograph you want to use and choose the size of ceramic tile. We’ll print whatever quantity you are looking for – from one off prints to thousands. Trust us to print beautiful, high-quality ceramic tiles that will help you share those special moments with the people you love.

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Note: These tiles are NOT suitable for placing hot objects on printed surface.

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